Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


JARED CRAIG, Barrister


Jared Craig is a distinguished member of both the legal and academic communities, known for his notable

legal career and significant academic contributions. A gold medalist and multiple award recipient, Jared

graduated with high distinction in Juris Doctor from the University of Saskatchewan. His legal prowess

was refined through a clerkship with the Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, providing

him with deep insights into judicial processes.

Since his admission to the bars of Saskatchewan and Alberta in 2014, Jared has represented clients in

various capacities across all levels of the Alberta court system, including successful defences in high-

profile criminal cases, such as homicide. He has also demonstrated his legal expertise before the Supreme

Court of Canada.

In academia, Jared has contributed as a lecturer at the University of Calgary and defended a Ph.D.

focusing on the interplay of neuroscience, law, and ethics, particularly in the realm of neurointerventions

and mental rights. His academic work, recognized with a SSHRC fellowship and published in numerous

journals, complements his legal practice, especially in cases involving forensic evidence and clinical


Jared’s dedication to human rights is a fundamental aspect of his work, guiding both his legal and

academic endeavors. His active involvement in human rights initiatives highlights his commitment to

utilizing the law for safeguarding freedoms and advocating justice. His synthesis of extensive legal

experience and academic insight, combined with a strong ethical foundation, establishes Jared as an

influential and respected figure, embodying the significant impact of integrating legal expertise with an

understanding of broader societal and ethical dimensions.


C. JOHN HOOKER, Barrister


A distinguished alumnus of the University of Alberta Law School, Class of 1974, C. John Hooker has

been a formidable presence in the Canadian legal community since his admission to the Alberta Bar in

1975. John’s extensive experience spans various levels of the judicial system, including the Alberta Court

of Justice, the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Alberta Court of Appeal, and the esteemed Supreme Court of


Renowned for his tenacious advocacy and unwavering commitment to justice, John champions the

philosophy that every individual deserves not just representation, but representation that is experienced,

meticulously prepared, and wholeheartedly committed. He is steadfast in his belief that every defendant

has an inalienable right to a fair trial and to choose their legal representative. This philosophy has been

the cornerstone of his impressive career.

John’s interests extend beyond the courtroom to the art of playing guitar, a hobby that reveals his creative

side. This pursuit complements his professional life, showing a balance between the discipline of law and

the creativity of music. His legal expertise, along with his diverse interests, marks him as a respected and

well-rounded figure in criminal defence.

For those in need of a seasoned advocate who brings both experience and empathy to the table, John

Hooker is available for consultation. Contact him to benefit from his expertise and to ensure your rights

are protected in the legal system.




Gilliana Shiskin is a distinguished barrister, whose career is a testament to her dedication to law,

academia, and social advocacy. As a Juris Doctor graduate from the University of Calgary, she excelled in

her studies and stood out for her active engagement in social causes, culminating in receiving the Pro-

Bono Student’s Canada Volunteer of the Year award. Her commitment to justice is further demonstrated

by her founding and leading the Society of Animal Defence – Calgary Law Students (SADCLawS),

where she passionately advocated for animal rights and welfare.

Her academic journey took an international turn with the Norton Rose International Study Grant, enabling

her to pursue studies in Luzern, Switzerland. There, she focused on International Economic Law, Human

Rights, and Sustainability, gaining a global perspective that enriches her legal practice. This international

exposure complements her extensive academic background, including a Master’s Degree in Philosophy,

specializing in Logic and Language, from the University of Alberta, and a Bachelor’s Degree in

Philosophy from the University of British Columbia. Her time as an undergraduate also showcased her

ability to balance academic rigor with athletics, as evidenced by her success as a varsity volleyball player.

Prior to launching her legal career, Gilliana garnered substantial experience in business management and

human resources within a major international natural resources company, focusing on progressive

performance management, employment law, and human rights issues. This diverse professional

background has provided her with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the practical aspects

of law and business.

In her legal practice, Gilliana has frequently appeared before the Alberta Court of Appeal, achieving

impressive outcomes in high-profile cases. Known for her fearless advocacy, she has handled numerous

murder and high-level drug trafficking cases, earning respect and recognition in the legal community.

Gilliana’s diverse expertise in academics, human rights, and international law makes her a uniquely

comprehensive lawyer, offering a wide-ranging perspective on both theoretical and practical aspects of

the legal profession.



Gunntas Sidhu, a recent Juris Doctor graduate from the University of Calgary, has rapidly made his mark

in the legal field, especially in criminal law. His early career at Student Legal Assistance and articling at

Craig Hooker Shiskin honed his legal acumen, allowing him to assist in numerous high-profile and

complex cases involving serious charges—securing exceptional outcomes for his clients.

While a recent call, Gunntas has already demonstrated an impressive courtroom presence, tirelessly

advocating for his clients with a client-centered approach. He is committed to understanding each client’s

unique circumstances and crafting tailored strategic solutions, communicating clearly and honestly

throughout the process.

Gunntas’s journey, which began with helping low-income individuals, has fueled his dedication to

criminal law. His empathy, strategic thinking, and legal expertise make him a formidable advocate.

In his personal life, Gunntas enjoys golf, showcasing his well-rounded character. His skilled yet humble

approach to law, combined with his dedication to client success, establishes him as a valuable and

promising figure in the criminal law sector.


SPENCER CRAIG, Legal Assistant

Spencer Craig, a Legal Assistant with a diverse background in sales and customer relations, brings a

unique blend of professionalism and approachability to the team. Known for his empathy and deep

understanding of various client circumstances, he excels in client interactions, often bringing a sense of

lightheartedness that clients appreciate.

His hardworking nature is complemented by exceptional organizational skills, making him a reliable and

diligent member of the team. Spencer’s ability to approach challenges with a sense of humor and a

positive attitude not only enhances the workplace atmosphere but also helps in building strong,

comforting relationships with clients.

Adapting swiftly to the legal environment, Spencer demonstrates an eagerness to learn and grow in his

role. His distinctive mix of professional experience and personal qualities makes him an invaluable and

well-respected asset to the legal team.


CAROL CHALANCHUK, Legal Assistant and Commissioner of Oaths

Carol’s professional journey began in Ontario, where her dedication and ambition laid the groundwork for

a dynamic career. Following high school, she specialized in stenography, completing an intensive one-

year program at a college. Her adventurous spirit led her from Banff to ultimately finding her place in


In Calgary, Carol continued to expand her professional skills, taking on various administrative and

secretarial roles in diverse sectors such as insurance, banking, and the oil industry. These roles enriched

her experience and prepared her for a shift into the legal sector.

Carol excelled academically, graduating with honors from a respected Career College’s Legal Assistant

Program. Since 2002, she has been an integral Administrative and Legal Assistant to John Hooker. Her

role, however, is not limited to assisting John. Carol has also offered her expertise to other notable legal

professionals, including a lawyer who later became a judge at the Calgary Courts Centre. Her extensive

experience and deep understanding of the legal arena make her a vital member of the Craig Hooker

Shiskin team.


MCKINLEY PILLING, Legal Assistant and Commissioner of Oaths

McKinley Pilling is a proficient Legal Assistant and Commissioner of Oaths, distinguished by her

comprehensive expertise in various legal sectors. Graduating with a Legal Assistant Diploma from SAIT,

McKinley quickly distinguished herself in the legal arena, skillfully managing complex legal

documentation and diverse administrative tasks.

Her dedication to the legal field is evident not only in her technical and administrative abilities but also in

her deep understanding of client needs and legal issues. McKinley’s empathetic and professional approach

to client interactions makes her an invaluable asset in any legal setting.

McKinley has thrived in areas such as real estate, litigation, corporate law, and personal injury. Her ability

to adeptly navigate these different legal areas showcases her versatility and keen attention to detail. Her

effective multitasking skills have been instrumental in managing the varied responsibilities in these roles.

With a strong passion for criminal justice, McKinley’s extensive experience across multiple legal domains

positions her to make meaningful contributions to this area of law. Her dedication, combined with a

versatile skill set, establishes her as a dynamic and valuable member of the legal profession.

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